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MAC Address Book: Export to Outlook

There are several articles on how to export MAC Address Book contacts into CSV format but none of those articles address one issue you may run into when attempting to import the CSV file into Outlook 2003 (The problem probably extends to any P.C. based application)


This article deals primarily with the freeware utility Address Book to CSV Exporter.
Although there are alternative export programs (see links below)

After running the Address Book to CSV exporter utility and copying the CSV file to your Microsoft Windows computer running Outlook you may encounter the following "Translation" error when trying to import your contacts into Outlook 2003: 

"A file error has occurred in the Comma Separated Values (Dos/Windows) translator while initializing a translator to build a field map."

This is because the formatting is incorrect for MS Outlook. The simplest way to fix this is to do the following: 

1) Open the exported CSV in a plain text editor such as Notepad.
(It may take several seconds to load depending on size)

2) Choose "Save As".
Change the encoding from "Unicode big endian" to "ANSI".

Notepad displays the encoding of the CSV file as "Unicode big endian"

3) Save the file and try your import again.


Other links:

Addressbook to CSV Exporter 1.3a

Transfer Address book from OSX to Outlook (Describes export proccess)

Address Book Exporter (An alternative export utility. Have not tested personally)